We have changed to 100% biodegradable, 100% plant based chain lubricant, chain cleaner and bike cleaner. It is supplied in recycled bottles and we get it shipped by land to reduce the CO2 footprint.

We now supply filtered tap water for the rides instead of bottled mineral water, the tap water is fine to drink in Lagos but it is nice to know that we have charcoal filtered the water to improve the taste, we also have a 1 micron filter to remove particles and micro plastics. If you don't have a reusable water bottle or hydration pack with you, we have BPA free one litre water bottles that we wash and reuse. The factory that makes these recycles 95% of its own plastic scrap back into making bottles. There is a mind blowing 500 billion single use drink bottles made every year. Bottled water costs around 2000x more than tap water!

We don't have e-mountain bikes and do not plan on having them. E-bikes are great when they replace car journeys but an e-bike has a much higher CO2 footprint than a normal bike. Lithium batteries currently have a life cycle of around 500 charges before they lose 50% of their capacity and at the moment are not recycled because the cost is too high. The batteries are manufactured in countries that are mostly fossil fuelled, it requires huge amounts of energy to produce the lithium batteries. Portugal is great with renewable energy but we still have fossil fuelled power stations meaning an e-bike is recharged using fossil fuels.

We try to make sure the fruit and vegetables we provide for lunch are sourced locally (within 100kms). We take back all the food waste and compost it to grow next years food, water that is not used is also taken back and used to water the vegetables. 

Our t-shirts are from an award winning company who are cyclic in every stage of production. The cotton is organic, it is processed in a factory that recycles all the water it needs. The factory produces its own electricity and uses organic dye. We have been recycling everything we could since day one but now we are trying even harder to reduce the resources we use, we replace when necessary not when a new colour comes out!

We are making these decisions based on running a business, it is not meant to be a judgement on the choices any one makes in their own lives, everyone is free to make their own decisions! If you feel we have things wrong (there is always new information) or if you feel there is something else we can do, please get in contact. 

Thanks Jim and Mike


The Mountain Bike Adventure was created in 2005 from a passion for mountain biking, a combination of 20 years experience in the Algarve and a background of mountain bike racing in the UK.

Jim used to ride for Stan Jones Cycles RT and then Pearce Cycles RT, competing in national and local races all over the UK. His free time was spent building national level race tracks in the UK and even traveling up to Fort William in 2002 to help work on the track for the first downhill world cup round. He also worked with local councils to build jumps sites for locals to use, some of which are still in use today. Before setting up the company he qualified as a MIAS mountain bike instructor, he runs the skills courses and guides customers.


Mike has been living in the Algarve since 2008, he brings a wealth of local knowledge to the team. Any advice on bars, restaurants and beaches, he is the man (particularly bars)! Although he is relatively new to the sport he has already built a good skill base and loves photography, he is often found hiding in the bushes on the enduro shuttle days, sometimes he even takes a camera.


Lagos is in the south west corner of Portugal, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and golden beaches. The famous Algarve climate makes this an ideal location for mountain biking. 
Portugal has a very low population density, this combined with so few bikers means we very rarely see anyone else out on our rides, a novel experience if you are used to riding in the UK!
Lagos is a popular tourist destination and the town gets busy in the main tourist season. The town centre is full of bars and restaurants, with a relaxed atmosphere and entertaining street life. There are several popular beaches right by the town, what better way to spend a day off from riding than topping up your tan and swimming in the sea.
The nearest airport to Lagos is in Faro; there is a train station in Lagos that stops in Faro. Lagos also has a very good bus service.


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